“I set up my company after suffering a bad riding accident. So I decided to produce horses which would be safe for equitation purposes and with this idea firmly in my mind I started to travel throughout Europe with the intention of acquiring young horses to retrain according to my vision of a sports horse that would be totally safe and sure.

Two years later I formed a small and select team of male and female expert equestrians, with the intention of training horses with the unhurried methodology that is vital for a horse to grow in harmony with his surroundings. I concentrated a great deal on the lightness of touch of hands and legs and on listening to the needs of every single horse. The team of a professional rider and two expert female equestrians is supported by a vet, a dentist, a physiotherapist, an osteopath, a nutritionist and a trainer. These basic principles work well, as the customers are satìsfied because the horses are in good condition mentally and physically. For this reason we have been motivated to continue with our initial project.

The horses trained by Fioruzzi Sport Horses, for jumping, dressage and promenades, are always calm, reliable and even-tempered. Come and visit us.”

Mario Fioruzzi